Education is the first and foremost rights of every human being. Education helps us to set a goal and go ahead by working on that throughout the life.


Millions of people flee their homes to seek sanctuary in other countries — and they are struggling to survive every day. Help them recover some of what they’ve lost.

Healthy Life-Style

The effects of malnourishment are irreversible if they occur at a young age. If not death, it leads to permanent disabilities that render the children ill for the rest of their lives.


Your donation will further our vision of ensuring a happy and healthy childhood for India’s children. Donate to make a change.

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Life Help Charity Foundation

Life Help Charity Foundation is a funding / non-profit charity organization deeply involved in helping poor and needy people all over the world to make a positive difference in their lives. Life Help Charity Foundation started with this sole purpose as a charity foundation and is striving hard to make a positive difference in different areas like education, health care, response to disasters and better living of the poor and needy. Life Help Charity Foundation would help several poor students to pursue higher studies and focus on health and nutrition aspects through support to projects.

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A good quality education is the foundation of health and well-being. For people to lead healthy and productive lives, they need knowledge to prevent sickness and disease. For children and adolescents to learn, they need to be well nourished and healthy. Education is a catalyst for development and a health intervention in its own right. Children in poor countries face many barriers to accessing an education. Some are obvious – like not having a school to go to – while others are more subtle, like the teacher at the school not having had the training needed to effectively help children to learn.


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What LHCF intend to do?

Promoting healthy life-styles among all children, namely by encouraging physical exercise, healthy nutrition, health assistant, surgeries if required, and also working towards eradication and support for HIV and related programmes.


Support for educational and rehabilitation services for all children to go to school including children who are underprivileged, poor, orphan, disabled and brighter students to achieve greater heights.


Contribute to the area of extra-curricular activities including sports, games, arts and cultural


Rendering post rehabilitation services for people who are affected during disasters and other natural calamities.